My Commitments

Fiscal Sustainability
A sustainable future for our schools requires that we manage our resources purposefully, with a full understanding of the fiscal landscape, a clear vision of what we aspire to be, and how that helps shape our priorities as a community. Fair pay for our teachers is the most visible sign of the financial challenges facing our schools that must be addressed. I’m committed to developing consistently sound organizational and operational practices that maximize resources and deliver our desired outcomes.
As a society we need to re-acknowledge the truly transformational nature of education for all and reverse the alarming trend of devaluing it in both primary and higher education. In particular, we must address the achievement gap many of our students face, and constantly strive to provide the resources they need, embracing many paths to success for our graduates. I’m committed to serving all of our students to deliver the excellent education each child needs and deserves.
Positive Transparency
Our common ground is our strength, and engagement and dialog on the key issues we face as a district are paramount to our success. Our District is a vital ecosystem that has many constituencies, each of whom needs to be acknowledged, valued, and considered, including students and their families, teachers and staff, and community members. I’m committed to defining and delivering a clear, transparent, and participatory process that allows all voices to be heard.
Safety & Support
Our children must be able to attend school in a safe and supportive environment.  It is critical for us to consider the whole child and provide the physical facilities and expert resources needed to support their social and emotional development as well as their intellectual growth.  I‘m committed to ensuring that our students have safe campuses and access to counselors and other supportive resources they need to thrive.
We should never be willing to settle for the status quo, but rather constantly explore new ways to engage, educate, and inspire our students. Building meaningful relationships and exploring programmatic connections between the DJUSD, the City of Davis and UC Davis will help promote innovation. I’m committed to leveraging new technologies, approaches, and partnerships to help achieve educational excellence.