My Commitments

Fiscal Sustainability
A sustainable future for our schools continues to require that we manage our resources purposefully, with a full understanding of the fiscal landscape, a clear vision of what we aspire to be, and how that helps shape our priorities as a community. Fair pay for our teachers must be a critical priority for our district, as is managing our resources thoughtfully in an environment of declining enrollment. I remain committed to developing consistently sound organizational and operational practices that deliver our desired outcomes and carefully steward our financial resources.
I remain firm in my view we need to focus on the transformational nature of education for all, and invest in it as a priority for our community. We must continue to work diligently to meet the needs of each of our students, with a particular focus on addressing the opportunity gap that many of our students face. We also must cherish and protect our commitment as a welcoming district that lives our assertion that “We all belong.” I’m committed to being a district that welcomes and serves all of our students, to deliver the excellent education each child needs and deserves, and help them find a path to a fulfilling and happy life.
Positive Transparency
Engagement on the key issues we face as a district are paramount to our success. Our District has many constituencies, and we are blessed with committed students, families, educators, and community members, each of whom needs to be acknowledged, valued, and considered. I have appreciated the opportunity over the past four years to listen to and get to know so many members of our community, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to have a dialogue with all who are interested in sharing their questions, insights, and feedback. I’m committed to continuing to be part of a clear, transparent, open, and participatory process that allows all voices to be heard.
Safety & Support
It is critical for our district to provide the physical facilities and expert resources needed to support the social and emotional well-being of our students and our educators, to offer the best possible environment for learning, growth, and belonging. This requires us to listen carefully and consistently to the needs of our school community, and offer both internal systems of support as well as access to external expert resources to address the needs of each community member. I remain committed to ensuring that our students, educators, and staff have safe and supportive campus environments, providing access to the physical and mental well-being resources they need to thrive.
While we have achieved so much as a district in serving our students and community, we should never settle for the status quo. We must consistently embrace a growth mindset, constantly exploring new ways to engage, educate, support, and inspire our students. This means looking internally for ideas and programs from our educators and students, as well as reaching outside the district to organizations and partners that can share their best practices and experiences that we can build on to make our own. I’m committed to leveraging new technologies, methodologies, resources, and partnerships to help continue to evolve and improve the delivery and impact of our educational experiences.